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My name is Ram, I have a small team with Photoshop professionals, i can produce 200 images per day with best quality, check my masking works in my site:

I'm offering my services here at a much lower price than my standard rates so that anyone can appreciate the effect of a quality retouching job.
Retouchproshop services for Personal Portraits, Wedding Photos, Candid Shots, Couple Photos, Profile Pictures, Pageant Photos, Portfolio Headshots, Children's Photos, Models, Actors, Pictures of Family, Advertising and more. Now you can have amazing photos, like all the celebrities in magazines, at a tiny fraction of the cost. Imagine your photo with better lighting, perfect skin, eyes that come alive, and a more relaxed face. Unlike other photo retouching services, your face won't look fake and painted over. We let your natural beauty shine through. But, don't take our word for it. see the results for yourself. If you don't love the results, you pay nothing! My process can be broken down into the following areas.

- Healing blemishes and cleaning skin -without- the use of blur.

- Color correction, and, if desired, selective and creative color blending.

•Luminosity Adjustments
The creation of incredibly powerful, organic masks used to control the light and shadow of the image.

- This is where most of the retoucher's time is spent. Changing the way the light falls onto a person to dramatically alter shadow and highlight relationships.

- Sharpening, cropping, and the amazing power of the liquify tool to dynamically reshape the human body.

I treat every project seriously, so we'll go over your exact specifications for each image before I start working so you can be sure the end result is perfect.
Clipping path : $ 1 to $5 depends on complex of the images, ( can produce 200 images per day, 24 hours fast turn around)

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