1. Are Job Postings really free?

Yes, completely! We do not have any placement fees or cancellation penalty fees and we do not charge to post jobs. We do offer additional services though, that we do charge for (i.e. Resume Search, Job Highlighting, Job Spotlight)

2. How do I cancel my Resume Search and/or other services?

Simply sign into your Employer Account on the Employer page here. Then, go to the tab towards the lop left that says 'My Account'. You will see 4 links; click on 'My Package'. You will then see a list of all of the services you have purchased. To the right, under 'Action', you will ahve the option to cancel/deactivate them individually. 

3. How do I manage my postings (edit, add, remove, manage applicants, etc.)?

Again, please make sure you are signed in on the Employer Page here. Then, go to the tab towards the top left that says 'MY Jobs'. You will then see a list of any and all jobs you have already posted. To the right, you will see how many applicants have been received and you will be given options (i.e. the job has been filled, remove job, edit job, etc.). Towards the bottom right of the list of postings, you will see a button that says 'Post Another Job'; which is where you can do so. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us: 646-202-9538 or send an e-mail to our support: [email protected].

4. Our company/job vacancy is listed in another country - how can you help if you're in the US?

Even though we are based out of New York (US), we currently host and service 11 different Countries. Each Country has a dedicated site which only hosts jobs from that specified country. For example, www.creativejobscentral.co.uk only hosts jobs in the UK and www.creativejobscentral.ca only hosts jobs in Canada; so on and so forth. This makes the job search process a lot easier, and users who are looking to relocate may also switch the country easily within their account.